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June 27, 2013

By Donna Adee

and Polly Pearce

The Wells Community Lions Club is busy preparing for its annual 4th of July celebration. A light lunch of sloppy joes, polish sausage, homemade potato salad, cake and ice cream will be served from 5 to 7 pm. Alice Thomas and her band will present a military tribute at 7 p.m. and music for your dancing and listening pleasure until 10 p.m.

The hot windy days sure have ripened the wheat and dried out the flowers and gardens. Cage Frazer helped put down mulch over the soaker hoses at the Adee farm earlier so that the plants are protected. The blooming potatoes and tasseling corn need lots of water now that the rain has stopped.

Illa and Warren Harder ate out Sunday at Appletree, but that is as much as Illa feels up to doing.

If you read the list of those attending the alumni reunion, you will notice under the class of ’47, there were listed Ellis Adee and Myrt Wallace.  Ellis was home and Myrt had her granddaughter go in to sign for her so it looks like you can attend something without even being there!  That takes talent.

Friday and Saturday guests at the Adee farm were Kelly and Chris Bingham of Tonganoxie.  They asked their kids to do the chores for one night and morning so they could escape. Chris helped Donna pick cherries and Ellis and Kelly checked out the Parker Hotel. Kelly does construction work but never has done destruction work of that size. He thought that the sooner the building was down the better before someone gets hurt or worse.

News from the Good Old Days: Minneapolis Messenger May 18, 1939

Sunnyside News: Don’t forget May 29 is the date of the Sunnyside reunion. A basket dinner at noon and a program is planned. Anyone interested please pass the word along and come.

Clark Heald who has been working in Lawrence the past winter came home last week.

Virginia Comfort had her tonsils removed Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harder, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Siler and their families drove to Miltonvale last Wednesday evening where Salvain and Matson families helped Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Matson celebrate their 25th anniversary. Ice cream and cake were enjoyed during the evening. Mrs. Levi Matson baked a lovely three-tier silver trimmed cake. The honored couple was given a purse of silver dollars.

May 25, 1939 Courthouse and Official Gossip

County Superintendent La Plant is getting ready for the Common School Graduation exercises which will be held Friday night of this week. The nine-month rural schools have all finished up now and the list of graduates number 97.

Record Heat Wave for Month of May (front page)

A temperature of 103 was official in Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon. In our worst summer, 1936, the first time 100 degrees was reached was almost a month later on June 17.  That was a year that beat all records in continual hot weather when highest temperatures hit 119 on Aug. 13-14 both days.

Honors announced at Senior Chapel. At the Senior Chapel exercises Friday  preceding commencement, Minneapolis placed 5th in the state this year in the scholarship tests. There were three first places in the state won by high school individuals and two first places as a team. Raymond Adee was 1st in plane geometry tests, Jean Haerlie was first in general science and Dean Comfort was 1st in junior business training. The “All Around Girl and All Around Boy” were won by Jean Scott and Raymond Adee. Mary Gans was valedictorian and Wilma Long, salutatorian. A special award went to Charley Carlson of the senior class, who had a record of no tardy marks through his entire 12 years of attending school.

Sunnyside News:

Rex Hallock spent Saturday and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Ernest Geist and Ernest and Mr. and Mrs. Pal Washborn of Tescott who were Sunday guests also.

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Comfort and children spent Sunday with Ned’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G Comfort.

Mrs. Roy Hanes surprised her husband Monday with a pinochle party. There were five tables. High scores were won by Mrs. Mildred Shirley and Swede Hanes; low by Mrs. Swede Hanes and Harry Heald and the traveling prize by Leroy Windhorst and Forest Hanes. Refreshments of sandwiches, coffee, cake and strawberries were served at the close of a most enjoyable evening.

Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Swede Hanes were: Mr. and Mrs. John L. Schur, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kuhlmann, Mr. and Mrs. James Constable , Mr. and Mrs. George Comfort, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Alder spend the evening there too.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Siler and sons were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Matson.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Siler spent Thursday at the J. C. Siler’s papering.

Word came from California of the death of Lloyd Allison, a former Sunnyside resident. His death was caused by burns while trying to rescue his children from their burning home. Two of the children also perished in the fire.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hanes and Moyne and Mr. and Mrs. Viv Heald, Harley, Jolene and Maxine picnicked at Indian Lookout near Delphos Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Siler and sons spent the evening last week with Miss Lyles near Longford

Bible Verse: Psalms 73:25 Whom have I in heaven but You (God)? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.



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