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May 22, 2013

Wow, what a storm Saturday night! Between 80-100 mph wind with heavy rain and then Sunday evening tornado watches; it was one exciting weekend. The power went off at the Adee farm about 10 p.m. Saturday and one look outside showed that all the neighbors were in the same condition. Earlier in the evening Donna had opened all the windows because it was so warm. When the power went out and the wind and rain hit, Ellis struggled to shut windows in the dark and Donna found wind blowing rain across the living room. She ran to slam the large windows shut and dry off the furniture. The battery powered radio said that Minneapolis was hit with much damage. The guys from DSO started working on the power outages soon and found the problems in the Wells area. They had the power back on at the Adee farm and neighbors by 4 p.m. Sunday. Sure was nice to have a generator, but even better to have electricity again.

Sunday morning, the scene in Minneapolis was sad as there were huge trees ripped out by the roots, large limbs broken and damage to several buildings. Adrion Lee, who celebrated his 92nd birthday Saturday, woke up Sunday to find his garage door bashed in, trees down and damage to a shed. His neighbors, north of Minneapolis, were also hit and without power. The sound of chainsaws filled the air all Sunday as neighbors helped neighbors and the city guys cleaned up the devastation and got power restored.

Sunday afternoon, Donna and Ellis Adee attended the graduation party of Drew Belvill at his parent’s home. It poured rain the minute they arrived and 20 minutes later the sun came out. John Welch was one of the guests and told Donna, “I really enjoy the Wells news especially the old time news.” It’s great to know that people read it. Later, they drove by another graduation party and visited with Brian Kindall, while he was helping clean up after Stuart Griffin’s party.

Friday morning, Ellis and Donna Adee met Cassie Roth and children at the Alpaca farm for a tour by Charley and Phyllis Atkinson. Eight-year-old Nicky Roth wants a baby Alpaca for their farm. While there Charley loaded the Adees’ old pickup with Alpaca beans for their garden and Saturday morning they got it spread on the potato patch. Cage Frazer came to do more weed whipping and other jobs at the Adee farm.

News from the Good Old Days: Minneapolis Messenger May 4, 1939

Entered Hay’s Meet – Coach Seigle took a small group of high school track boys to Hays College last Saturday where they entered an invitation meet in competition with several hundred boys from other schools. The only point they took was a 3rd place in half-mile by Raymond Adee, who ran the distance in 2.084 minutes which is mighty good time. Adee has been running the mile and this was his first attempt at the half-mile. Wednesday of this week, Adee and Santner were taken to Beloit where they each ran the half-mile with the famed Glen Cunningham, who ran a mile exhibition staged there.

District 40 news: Mrs. (Glenn) Adee, Glenys and Fern attended the last day of school at Lone Star Friday. Miss Bernys Adee was the teacher. A basket dinner and program were enjoyed by all.

Courthouse News and Official Gossip. County Treasurer Boyle received the cigarette tax money for the month of April. The check amounted to $81.75. One of the interesting things in looking over the county assessor’s figures is a total of 1356 dogs in the county; only 29 of which are female, according to the statement given to him. Male dogs are taxed a dollar and females $2. One naturally wonders how the only dog population can keep up with any such difference in figures.

Wells News: Mr. and Mrs. James Constable, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hanes, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Comfort and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hanes and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Geist enjoyed a wiener roast Thursday evening then had a line party to the show at Minneapolis on the occasion of Mr. and Mrs. James Constable’s first wedding anniversary.

There were 27 ladies who enjoyed the birthday party and silver tea at the M. E Ladies Aid last Thursday at the Bob Comfort home.

Phin Comfort arrived home from the hospital last Friday afternoon. Mr. Comfort is slowly recovering.

The GG girls entertained their husbands with a pinochle party at Margaret Heald’s last Friday night. The guests outside of the club members and their husbands were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Comfort, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cline of Bennington, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Comfort, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Comfort and Leroy Windhorst.

Bible Verse: Mark 4:39-41 Then He (Jesus) arose and rebuked the wind and said, “Peace, be still!” and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” And they feared exceedingly and said to one another, “Who can this be, that even the wind and sea obey Him?

By Donna Adee and Polly Pearce


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