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August 21, 2013

By Donna Adee and Polly Pearce
Have you noticed how beautiful the cornfields are this year? The news from friends in Illinois, whose main crop is corn, is that the corn is very short because of late planting so the plants have few ears. Evan Atwell’s cornfield, south of the Adee farm, has many ears and is looking great, much different from last year when most of the corn burned up before putting on ears.
Wednesday evening, Rosemary Luthi and her daughter, Arletta Nelson, came to the Adee farm to pick green beans. They gave Donna a “virtual tour” of Lesotho, South Africa, where Sadie Nelson has taught school for almost two years. Rusty, Arletta, and Sharity flew to Lesotho last Christmas to visit Sadie and took the pictures. Arletta had driven Elvin and Rosemary home from a visit and Rusty was coming on the weekend from Missouri to take Arletta home. Saturday morning, Daniel and Joshua Adee of Silver Lake and their other grandparents, Lavern and Karen Robertson of North Platt, NE came to the Adee farm for the noon meal. Joshua came to paint designs on wooden butterflies for Donna’s friend, while Daniel updated Donna’s computer so it isn’t so slow. Grandkids are wonderful helpers.
News from the Good Old Days: Minneapolis Messenger July 6, 1939
Stole Carlson’s Truck (front page) – John Todd, a young man who seems the type that just can’t stay out of trouble, came to Minneapolis last week and last Saturday night stole one of Roy Carlson’s trucks, forging and cashing a check for $6.00 on Roy’s son, Charles Carlson’s name. Todd had been sent to the reformatory about a year ago after coming to work and forging a check while here. Last Saturday he got a job hauling wheat from the Carlson farm. In the evening, he cashed the $6.00 check at the filling station. Naturally having one of Carlson’s trucks in his possession, the service station had no hesitancy in cashing the small check on young Carlson. It was quite late in the evening when the truck was missed. The sheriff sent out calls along about midnight throughout Kansas and Nebraska and up to this time nothing has been heard of him. The truck was an International C-1 1936 model. It is possible that this young man had some definite plan in mind when he took the truck or he may be using it elsewhere for harvest hauling.
Sunnyside News: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Siler took dinner and spent the afternoon with their son, Chester and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Goodfellow and Bobby spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Comfort.
Joe Grubham is helping with harvest near Bennington.
Irene Whitley visited with Moyne Hanes Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Chester Siler spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. C. G. Heald.
Mrs. Mac Schur is staying with her mother, Mrs. Bartley, while her menfolk are combining in the neighborhood.
Mrs. Fred Harder and family spent Thursday at Chester Piersee’s near Tescott.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Geist returned to Winfield Sunday after a few days visit with his father and brother. Melvin has accepted a position at the University of Salem, Oregon for the coming school term and will be leaving soon for the west coast where he will be head of the music dept. at Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Geist were guests at dinner at Gypsum Sunday honoring Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hallock of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Windhorst and Bonnie and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Heald were at Swede Hanes Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hanes and Moyne, Mrs. Hazel Heald and children, Mrs. Celestia Cline and children picnicked Sunday.
Mrs. Ernest Geist (Beth Hazlett now) and Mrs. Swede Hanes were in Glasco Thursday afternoon.
Bible Verse: Psalm 94:18-19 If I say, “My foot slips,” Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up. In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.” (Chosen by our niece, Jessica Adee, Raleigh NC.)

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