USD 239 Board Discusses Strategic Planning

January 9, 2014

All members were present at the December meeting of USD 239 Board of Education.
Principals Pat Anderson of MGS and Jay Macy of MJSHS gave their building reports. Principal Anderson reported there were problems with frozen pipes on the west wing of the grade school and that Griffins made the necessary repairs. Principal Macy gave the results for the Beef and Dairy Expo. He also mentioned that FCA was able to raise $300 for Ann Frack by holding a dodge ball tournament. Superintendent Combs reported that the electronic door system has been installed and is operational, however, there have been problems with several of the doors at both buildings.
The Board heard information about strategic planning. Dr. Combs presented information regarding the future needs of the district. Principal Anderson mentioned that they are currently landlocked at the grade school location, and what is really needed is a middle school located at a different site. Superintendent Combs stated the first step that needs to be taken is to let the community know the first bond issue was just to get started. Board member Ruble stated they should publish in the paper in January to get the ball rolling for strategic planning.
Phil Aumick presented information concerning the community garden. 7,500 square feet of USD 239 property near the OWLS site is being requested for use along with access to water. No action was taken.
Board President David Pounds moved to purchase new technology for both the grade school and junior-senior high school buildings. He was seconded by Chad Young. The district will purchase 10 desktop/laptop computers, one classroom Chromebook cart with 25 Chromebooks, seven wireless printers, and 10 replacement computers for the junior-senior high. The grade school will receive 19 laptops, three desktops, and 24 Chromebooks and the cart. Funds will be dispersed from REAP as available and capital outlay to pay for the purchase. The motion passed 7-0.


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