The Floor is No More

June 5, 2013
This ad appeared in the Messenger in 1961.

This ad appeared in the Messenger in 1961.

On December 15, 1961 the Minneapolis basketball team took to the floor of the new MHS gymnasium for the first time. At the time the gym and its floor were state of the art, shiny and new. Since then 52 years have passed and the floor, like many of us, now shows the wear and tear of years gone by. The use and some abuse (does anyone remember the “Strength” team several years ago) have taken their toll. Nearly 10 years ago attempts were made to fix the floor, but the damage was so extensive that the floor could not be repaired. Since then athletes have made the best of the old floor. Learning the lay of the land, so to speak, was necessary lest your dribble randomly die when it hit one of the many “dead” spots found on the floor. But all of that is about to change.

When school starts in August of this year Minneapolis students and athletes will notice that the old has been replaced by the new. John Kelly a current student and athlete at MHS is excited about the upgrade. “It was crazy how many ‘dead’ spots the floor had, this new floor is much needed and will be great to play on.” So excited was John that he and several other student athletes helped in the removal of the old sections of floor. Acme, located in Lenexa, is the company in charge of replacing the floor. Once the old floor was ripped out, the new wood was placed in the gym to sit for two weeks at room temperature. Once the wood is acclimated to the temperature, a new subfloor will be laid down followed by the actual wood flooring. The new design will then be painted onto the floor, a finish applied, and time allowed for the finish to cure. Once completed the new floor should last for years.

For those interested in owning a piece of MHS history the school will be selling off the old floor. Most of the old floor was removed in 3’x3’ sections and those sections will be made available for sale to the public. Roughly 400 pieces of plain floor will be sold for $10 per section. There are also 3’x3’ sections available with lettering and the power lion logo. In addition to these sections, there are also several larger sections that have “Lions” and “Lady Lions” on them. The center court “M” is also available in two sections. The school will be accepting sealed bids on these sections of the floor until August 7, 2013. Those who purchase sections of the old floor will be responsible for pick up and loading. For more information or to purchase sections of the floor contact Terry Moeckel or Jay Macy at 392-2113.

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