Letter – Appreciation Minne-K Day

May 10, 2013

Dear Editor,

Shelly and I have always been proud to be a part of this fine community and last Saturday was no exception. The weather may not have been perfect but it was so great to see people coming together again for fun and fellowship. We want to especially thank John and Lexi Kirn for all of their hard work with organizing Minne-K Day. Lexi does not like to take credit but there is always a great lady next to a great man. We appreciate Eldon and Debbie Clark for opening their restaurant for the meetings. We were also very impressed with the Minne-K Day insert in the Messenger and the press they provided. We cannot begin to name everyone as there were so many involved in making it a great day. We and our boys are excited to see what next year’s Minne-K Day will entail.

Todd and Shelly Wilson

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