Choosing the Right Path, By John Wilson

May 22, 2013

Memorial Day is Monday, May 27. It would be a fitting expression of gratitude for all of us to take a few moments to remember those brave men and women who gave their lives to defend freedom, our Constitution, this nation and our way of life.

Contrary to what many are now teaching, the founding fathers were dedicated to establishing a new nation that would not allow a ruling class to oppress others. They had been under a dominating, manipulative government far too long and they dreamed of a better way of life for us. They understood individual freedom was so much better than government control and dependency.

No doubt, over the years, there have been those in this nation who have attempted to control the lives of others. And no doubt some control has been necessary to maintain an orderly society. This social dilemma is exactly why our Constitution and the Bill of Rights were created. They were to be a foundational set of documents that would police those in power from becoming too powerful while they (those in power) established laws designed to maintain an orderly society for this nation. A very good system as designed.

This governmental structure has served us well for over 200 years. However, it concerns me when I hear and see those in power begin to undermine these foundational principals. When I see attempts to change, or at the very least, discredit these foundational principals for personal advantage, agenda and power, fear for this nation’s future begins to raise its ugly head -especially when far too many of the governed seem to have little or no concern about it.

This nation may very well be at a crossroads. The path we choose may very well determine the future our children and grandchildren will experience. It would seem we are far too eager to follow the piper playing soothing music while handing out trinkets, than choosing a path to freedom and personal responsibility; the very qualities that made this nation the greatest, most generous nation on earth.


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