Ausherman Family Business Recognized for Excellence

May 28, 2014
Ausherman Family pic

Since arriving in Minneapolis in 1997, American Family Insurance Agent Scott Ausherman and his wife Becky have seen both their agency and family grow. Scott and Becky are pictured with their four children (left to right) Moriah, Jonah, Levi, and Sarai.

Scott Ausherman views his job as an American Family agent as an opportunity to return a favor to the customers and the community that has supported him and his family since they arrived in 1997. “I never planned on getting into insurance after college. It wasn’t on my radar, but I had a friend who got me started with American Family in Hays, and I’ve been involved in the industry ever since,” he said. After a few years spent as a customer service representative Scott was approached with an opportunity to manage an American Family branch in Minneapolis. Scott only saw two problems with the opportunity. The first was that there was no branch in Minneapolis so he would be starting from scratch. The second problem was that he and his wife Becky knew a grand total of one family in Minneapolis. “I wasn’t sure how it would turnout. I actually leased a building with an agreement to buy it after a year. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to fall flat on my face,” he chuckled.
Seventeen years later, things have turned out pretty good. Not only has he seen the agency grow, but his branch has been recognized as one of the top branches in the area and nation. Just recently, he received the American Star Excellence in Customer Experience Certification. The certification is bestowed on those agencies that perform in the top 20 percent of all insurance agencies nationwide based on customer satisfaction surveys. It’s validation of Scott’s simple but effective approach to customer service. “We just want to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated regardless of whether it is good or bad news,” he remarked. That involves making the extra effort to contact customers directly to make sure they are informed. “I want our customers to hear both good and bad news from me, not in a letter. It’s always fun to call a client with good news, but to me real customer service is making the call when something didn’t go well. It happens in every business, that is life, but we want our customers to know that they are more than just a policy to us,” he stated.
For Scott, it is part of having a relationship with his customers that goes beyond insurance. Since arriving in Minneapolis 17 years ago, he and his wife Becky have had four children and have become plugged into a community that they now call their own. “My favorite thing about Minneapolis is that it is more than just insurance. The people we serve are the same people in the organizations we are a part of, the church we attend, and the games we go to watch. They’ve accepted us from the beginning, so part of what I want to do as their agent is to reciprocate that kindness and care that has been shown to our family.”


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