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June 25, 2014

By Hazel Van Meter

Newt, John and Marsha came to play cards Tuesday evening at Hazel’s.
Several attended Howard Miller’s service. Greg gave a fabulous eulogy that brought back many pleasant memories, Stacy sang a song, Suzie Foerschler sang and Barbara Miller, Howard’s niece, played the piano. There was an indoor flag presentation by the military from Ft. Riley.
Russ, Jana, and Greg all went out for dinner Friday evening. Sunday, Matt, Jessica, Jeri, and Hazel ate Sunday dinner with Russ and Jana.
Don’t forget there is a community Sunday dinner on July 13 at the community building. It is a fund raiser for cancer needs. Donations will be put in the breakfast fund.
The Prochaska house is a busy one this week. Visiting and helping harvest are Rachel, Michael, Downs and Olivia and Isabellia, and Lois, Kevin and Theo Frack. Everyone went to Pam Barker’s for lunch and a swim. They also visited with Leland, Jan, Meredith, and Quentin Clark, and Jen, Nick, Preston and Lauren Hostler. Rod and Ann came to enjoy the swim. Matt Carpenter came from Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico late Sunday night. His parents, Ron and Cindy came from running a marathon in Minnesota on Sunday. Ron has run a marathon in 35 states and his goal is for all 50 states. Seth is on summer break and is spending a month helping at the ranch.

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